My current academic research focuses upon Western travellers in Asia during the late 19th / early 20th centuries, particularly in the China-Tibet borderlands.

For more information on my research see:  

Western Explorers in Eastern Tibet 

Plus a list of my publications:

Tim Chamberlain - Academia


These are some blog posts which focus on my research and related areas of interest:

On China: 

The First British Embassy to China, 1793-1794 - Part I

British Artistic Impressions of Qing Dynasty China - Part II

Boxer Rebels & British Diplomats - Peking 1900

China - Between Revolutions

May 4th - Star Wars & China 

China & The Great War 

On Tibet:

Sex & Death - Tantric Buddhism in Tibet

1904 - Tibet's Marriage with Modernity

Finding Krishna in Tibet - Perceval Landon

Language & Landscape in West China & Tibet

Exploring the Land of the Blue Poppy - Frank Kingdon-Ward & Tibet

Betrayal in the High Himalaya - Sikkim & Tibet

On Empire:

Confronting the Imperialist Elephant in the Room

Picturing the Past in Colonial Asia 

Captain Tripe's Early Photographs of India & Burma

Peter Hopkirk - Historian of 'The Great Game'

Sino-Tibetan Research Trip 2010:

Part I - China & Tibet - Through Western Eyes

Part II - Retracing Old Shanghai

Part III - From Shanghai to Kangding

Part IV - Kangding - Then & Now

Part V - The Tibetan Gompas of Old Tachienlu

Part VI - Butter Lamps & Modern Thangka

Part VII - Last Stands at Luding 

Part VIII - Rinchen Lhamo - A Woman of Kham 

Part IX - In Search of "Ci Ma Tang" (次馬堂)

Part X - Reflections on Travel & Research

Tangents & Diversions:

In Search of the "Hamilla Mitchell"

Unexpected Encounters with the Past

Inside the Foreign Office

M.I.A. - Second World War Japanese 'Hold Outs'

Time's River - Reflections on a Research Trip


Questioning the Future - As A Historical Paradox

Remembrance ...  

The Sacred & The Profane


A Historical Atlas of Tibet, by Karl E. Ryavec (LSE Review of Books)

Shanghai Homes: Palimpsests of Private Life, by Jie Li (LSE Review of Books)

The Oxford Illustrated History of Modern China, edited by Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom (LSE Review of Books)